Save yourself money and time with the most effective How to Surf program on the market!

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Start tearing up the waves with actionable and comprehensive lessons from surfers with decades of experience! If you’re 6 years old, 60 years old, or anywhere in between, this DVD is perfect for you to learn to surf!

Learn how to surf! Shot in full HD video, there is no comparison between our product and a how-to internet video or article. We have isolated the most important aspects of surfing, presented effectively in the right order, for you to focus on which will produce outstanding results for you and your surfing! THIS is how to surf!


» Board selection
» Waxing
» Paddling techniques
» Wave selection
» Take-off skills
» Bottom turns
» Basic turns
» Cutbacks


» Comprehensive lessons
» Experienced surfers
» Everything you need
» All in one DVD

In this How to Surf DVD

• We’ll take you from the very basics of board selection and waxing up to the advanced stages of surfing’s best manoeuvres, with particular focus on surfing’s fundamental skills (those skills which produce the most results!).

• Master topics such as paddling techniques, wave selection, take-off skills, bottom turns, basic turns, cutbacks and more! AND we’ll give you useful exercises you can do to better prepare yourself for your time surfing in the water!

PLUS you’ll benefit from How to Surf BONUS segments on hardware maintenance, surf preparation and more!

Worried about forgetting the info you learn?
If you purchase our digital version, you can enjoy How to Rip straight from your smart phone! All the info you need, with you while you surf ;)

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shipped straight to your door!

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SAVE $$$ and time by avoiding the mistakes all beginners make!

You’ve probably already seen the low quality You Tube videos supposedly teaching us ‘how to surf’. These videos are rife with inaccuracies, poorly presented, poorly explained information and confusing ‘tips’ which will slow learning time drastically!

Most surf lessons cost AT LEAST $40 per hour, but you’ll receive weeks and weeks worth of info for only $32.95! Or you can download your digital copy of How to Rip for only $24.95! Regardless, we believe you’ll know how to surf inside and out after our program! You can also use How to Rip effectively as part of your surf training with an instructor! Learn to surf the smart way ;)

Testimonials for How to Rip

“The first ‘cool’ how-to DVD I’ve ever seen. Great fun yet also informative!”
- Mark Paradiso

“Everything I needed to start this awesome sport! Thanks guys!”
- Josh Pardington

“Within 12 weeks I went from not being able to stand up to impressing all my friends with cool moves! Thankyou so much How to Rip!”
- Hayley McFarland

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